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We specialise in the design and analysis of mechanical and civil engineering projects, with market-leading expertise in stress, seismic, vibration, thermal and piping design analysis.

From Aerospace and Defence systems to Nuclear superheaters at Hinkley Point, DC White has provided insight, analysis and design on a vast and diverse range of engineering projects for over 25 years.

We bring multi-industry knowledge to each new project, with a disciplined approach that reflects our understanding of clients’ commercial pressures and timescales. 

DC White offers independent verification of existing design, and investigates and analyses plant and equipment failure (see Failure Analysis).  Whilst our toolkit includes FEA (Finite Element Analysis), it is our ability to see the whole engineering picture that sets us apart. 
We have helped many UK and International Businesses, including:
  • Power Generation - British Energy (EDF), Vestas Blades
  • Food Processing - Pfizer, GEA Group
  • Petrochemical - Esso, Millennium Inorganic Chemicals (Cristal Pigments UK)
  • Water and Waste Services - Northumbria Water, Balfour Beatty/United Utilities
  • Academic Institutions - Imperial College, Cranfield University 

For more information on our background, including our engineering skills and experience, visit about us.

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Dr. Doug White recently presented at iMechE 
'Vibrations in Rotating Machinery' Conference, Manchester. 13th-15th Sept 2016

The Dynamics of Long Shaft Vertical Pumps

The long drive shafts of vertical axis submerged pumps are usually guided by water-lubricated self-acting journal bearings.  In theory, it can be shown that these bearing offer no linearised radial stiffness and should whirl in normal operation.  Added to this is the industry standard operational criterion that no resonances must occur within a 20% band either side of the running frequency – but how do you support a non-whirling shaft with zero-stiffness bearings?  In practice, resonances often occur close to, or even at, the running speed and the pumps usually perform without problem.  The generally accepted theory for the dynamics of vertical self-acting bearings is therefore imperfect.  If the behaviour is not fully understood, there is always the potential for unexpected whirl problems.

This paper presented an approach to the dynamics of long vertical shafts which includes the hydrodynamic action of the bearings, bearing contact and whirl.  Forward whirl is well understood but whirl induced by bearing contact is more difficult to handle in the general case, but it is an essential requirement.  The authors have developed a software system which has been used to assess and substantiate dozens of different pump arrangements, all of which have successfully commissioned and operated, some inevitably with resonances exactly at the running speed.

This paper presented a detailed description of the theory underlying this software with particular emphasis on the handling of highly non-linear bearing behaviour.

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"I have worked with DC White for the past 5 years. They are extremely professional and very proficient. I would highly recommended them.

Andrew P Kofoed, Reliability Project Engineer, Cristal

I would like also like to thank DC White for the prompt response and professional service that has been provided, and I will look forward to working with you on future projects.

Rich Heath, Project Engineer, National Grid Grain LNG

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