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New case study - Kennet Pumping Station - Freedom Connections

D C White work with Freedom Solutions to address potential downtime at Kennet Pumping Station


The Challenge


D C White was recently approached by Freedom Connections (engineering design company) at the request of the Environmental Agency to perform a thermal analysis of a low voltage electrical cabinet at the Kennet Pumping Station in Cambridgeshire.


The cabinet controls the starting system for a crucial underground water pump, 60 metres below surface, feeding the local water supply.


The Solution

 Using a bespoke hardware setup designed especially for the project, we were able to measure the temperature of 7 individual components inside the cabinet, simultaneously for a period of 5 hours.  The 7 components included the water pump soft start.


The process was performed without interfering with the normal operation. The cabinet door was locked to reduce the risk of harm to personnel.


The Outcome


From the data obtained from the thermocouple arrangement we were able to produce evidence that one of the internal components was operating above the maximum allowable ambient temperature of 50° C.


Recommendations were provided on how to lower the ambient temperature including reporting on which components were hottest.

Suggestions included the use of fans and the uprating of a heavily loaded component.


The Benefits


This was the first time D C White had worked with Freedom Connections, who chose to work with us due to competitive pricing and the promise of a quick turnaround of the project.


The cost of reducing the temperature inside the cabinet is far outweighed by the downtime encountered as a result of component failure, which ultimately could have included penalty charges for interrupted water supply.


This type of preventative analysis work is very often overlooked; the relatively low costs are typically a fraction of that involved with replacing a failed component.


Customer Feedback


‘We have enjoyed working with Tom Jowett from DC White who has provided exactly what we required, on time and to a highest level of professionalism.


DC White was also able to offer flexibility; Tom made himself available to work at short notice according to site availability.


We hope to work with DC White again in the future.’


David O’Brien, Project Manager, Freedom Connections.


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