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Latest design case study for Dustech
09/06/2017 Our design optimisation on a wheat starch filter
Design Substantiation for Dustech, a global leader in environmentally friendly dust control and a long-standing client of DC White CE, approached us for a substantiation of their C1558B Wheat Starch Bag Filter. 


The work was done at design stage, to ensure any issues would be addressed before expensive tooling or manufacturing had occurred. Using their drawings and 3D model as reference, we produced a 3D model using ‘shell elements’. We then exported it into MIDAS finite element analysis software, where we applied thicknesses to the model, set boundary conditions and applied the required internal pressure. Self-weight, buckling and hoisting analyses were then performed. 


The design passed the substantiation requirements, documented in our report with detailed findings of the analyses. This job is a good example of the essential bread and butter work we do, giving clients’ confidence that their designs are up to the task and critically ensuring that changes, where required, are captured at the earliest stage in a product’s development. Specifically, we regularly substantiate a range of bag filter designs destined for a wide range of industries. 


Figure shown: Von Mises stress plot (with exaggerated deflections) of the bag filter with the self-weight and internal pressure applied.

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