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19/09/2018 Q&A with Tom Jowett - MD

Welcome to our October newsletter. 

We have now moved into our new offices near Guildford and the team has settled in well. Tom Jowett, who has recently taken the reins from Doug, has been incredibly busy during the move. However he did manage to take the time to answer a few questions to help us get to know him better and understand his aspirations for DC White CE. 

We also have had two new brilliant minds join our team over these past few weeks! A very warm welcome to both Paul Maher and Krystal Shaw who are both guaranteed to be great assets to our DC White team. 

Paul has extensive experience in the Oil & Gas industry as well as working in aeronautical and rail. Paul brings strong project management, planning and design skills to the team. 

Krystal has joined our team as Marketing Assistant, ensuring our site is up to date and easy to find for new and existing customers.

Also in this newsletter is the latest case study featuring the new Tiny vibration recorder.

Thanks for reading,
The DC White team

Q&A with Tom Jowett, DC White CE's new owner and MD.

We sat down with Tom to find out a bit about him and his plans for the business:

Q1. Can you tell us about your new role and history with DC White?

I am delighted to become the new owner of DC White Consulting Engineers. I've been with the company for six years now, starting off as a project engineer, making my way up the ladder over the years. I was delighted when Doug approached me to take over the business - the fact that he felt I had the skills and knowledge to follow in his footsteps and take the business forward was a huge personal achievement. 

Q2. What’s your background in engineering and what do you enjoy most about it?

I studied Motorsport Engineering in Bristol for 5 years, graduating with a First Class Master’s degree. I was involved with construction from a young age: however, it was owning my beloved Ford Capri that developed my passion for engineering. Fortunately, my long loved motor had a tendency to break down, and realising how much I enjoyed repairing it led me into engineering!

Q3. What motivates you?

I've been greatly inspired by Doug over the years: his 45+ years of skills and expertise in engineering showed me what an incredibly rewarding career running my own engineering firm could offer. He also gave me a lot to live up to: whilst there will only be one Doug,  I understand from him very clearly the values that DC White CE must endure to continue to deliver real value for our clients.  

Q4. How do you see DC White moving forward?

My objective right now is to drive steady growth for the business. With our team consolidating their knowledge based skill sets, the most important thing is to provide continuity to our clients. We'll focus on delivering excellence in our core services including engineering design, vibration, piping, failure analysis and FEA services. However, I also want to really get behind the new accelerometers and vibration recorders from Micromega - they are fantastic new products that complement our core skill sets, and offer real value in the market.

Q5. Will Doug still be involved in any of the company capacity.

Doug is no longer involved with the day to day running of the company, however he has taken the role as Principal Consultant for us and still remains a shareholder with the company, also adopting the position of Non-executive Chairman of the Board. He is claiming himself a well-deserved (partial) rest after his many previous attempts to retire!

Q6. What are you most proud of?

Having a group of engineers that are so dedicated to the company makes me really proud. Office moves are never easy, but I am so pleased the entire team has made the 17 mile move to the new offices in Guildford and everyone has worked their socks off to minimise the disruption to our clients. Clearly we have team that is very invested in the future of DC White CE - a happy, strong team is the key for a smoothly run business. 

Vibration Case Study
RECOVIB Tiny used on a Pedestrian Bridge in Tours, France

The footbridge at Tours


In the city of Tours, in France, a new footbridge has been constructed. As part of  commissioning, vibration measurements are carried out. By means of modal analysis,  dynamic parameters up to 6 Hz of the footbridge are identified:

Natural frequencies for all detected eigenmodes,

Damping ratios for all detected eigenmodes,

Mode shapes for all detected eigenmodes.

To perform this, the company Wölfel Engineering uses the RECOVIB Tiny to measure the  bridge vibrations. Thanks to RECOVIB Tiny, you no longer need to unwind metres of cables or install sophisticated  wireless networks.

A shaker system is used for excitation of the bridge structure with two different orientations: in horizontal lateral direction and in vertical direction.

Nine RECOVIB Tiny are fixed to the bridge thanks to the magnets

 For details of measurements and full evaluation, read on.

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