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Reflection News letter
19/09/2018 End of 2017 Reflection News letter


Welcome to our December newsletter.

Now that we are nearing the end of the year, it seems appropriate to look back on the past twelve months and reflect on all the wonderful events that have taken place within DC White.
We've seen a change in ownership, office location and have even now officially had a name change. Moving forwards into deeper more exciting waters.

More importantly, the projects we have worked on this year have been phenomenal and all thanks to our wonderful clients. We have worked with the likes of Tata steel, GE Power, Cristal Pigments UK and many more. All of which have been a pleasure to work with.
We look forward to hopefully working with such wonderful companies again in the coming year.

We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year.

Thanks for reading,
The DC White team


NEW Recovib Update!

The Recovib range has had an upgrade! The Recovib Tiny and the Recovib Feel are now compatible with your Android or Apple Smart phone. This new feature now allows you to easily and quickly view the data received from your sensors. What's more is that you will not need to update the software on your current sensors to be able to use the app, just download and go.

That is not all though, when purchasing your Recovib sensors you will also receive the Recovib Viewer. Don't let the name confuse you though, this software does a lot more than just allow you to view your results.

The provided software allows for millisecond level time synchronisation between sensors. It is also possible to select the start time, the duration and the sensitivity of the measurement.

Once the data has been extracted, you can replay it in a data viewer, on your smartphone or your PC. The viewer allows for a detailed analysis of the vibrations recorded in the time domain and in the frequency domain.

Various signal processing options are available: high-pass, low-pass and band-pass filters, integrator filters (velocity mode) and dual-integrator filters (displacement mode).
In the frequency domain, there are a number of possible FFT-based computations:

  • Amplitude Spectrum Peak and RMS
  • Power Spectrum
  • Power Spectral Density
  • Amplitude Spectral Density.

Or if you still prefer to analyse your data in your own preferred software, you can still export the data into the format of your choice.

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