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Fatigue Analysis from DC White

Fatigue Design and Failure Analysis

Materials fatigue is a much misunderstood and feared mechanism by which any engineering item can fail at the least opportune moment.

Research is on-going into the finer points of the mechanisms, but engineers and materials’ scientists now have a very good understanding of the physical process taking place under fatigue conditions.

What affects fatigue?

Cyclical loading rate and amplitude, the environment (stress corrosion cracking, hydrogen embrittlement), material properties and existing stress-raising features.

How is fatigue failure manifest?

  1. Cracks appear
  2. The number and size of cracks gradually grow, through tensile loading
  3. Catastrophic material failure occurs. Final failure occurs at a much lower load than would be expected by an undamaged item


Fatigue analysis from DC White

DC White’s team is highly skilled in the analysis and assessment of the fatigue life of materials.

The study of material fatigue is an engineering discipline in itself, and it goes hand in hand with creep analysis.

Material failure and fracture analysis are a key part in understanding the difference between potential catastrophic failure and long-serving design.

How we apply fatigue analysis:

Fatigue crack initiation – existing discontinuities (nothing is perfectly homogeneous)

Crack growth – energy principals, focus on welds particularly

Codes and standards

Links to stress analysis, pipe and plant assessment (SafePlant)

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