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FEA impact analysis

Impact analysis - DC White EC's approach

Our FEA approach to impact behaviour is sometimes necessary in augmenting physical testing, or in some cases may be required to replace it altogether, for example:

- in the nuclear industry, or with other high value and high severity scenarios,
- where designs need to be tested before tooling and manufacture,
- where stress and failure margins need to be quantified,
- where detailed scrutiny and design insight is required.

Read our case study: Vibration Station

We also have many years experience within the nuclear sector which include analysis of dropped nuclear fuel rods, fuel casks, nuclear lifts, crane boom impacts and seismically induced impacts. 

Nuclear case studies are sensitive, so shown above is a standard pharmaceutical vessel dropped on a corner vertically over its centre of gravity.  This analysis will provide detailed insight into the prediction of deformation, buckling, fracture and tensile failure, and form the basis of a safety case or inform modifications and redesign.


We have an explicit FEA impact capability with material plasticity and secondary contact logic. We also use non-linear implicit FEA, energy based hand-calculations and, as always, are willing to extend our software capabilities to suit our clients' needs.

The issue of finding the critical drop orientations and impact points is often a conundrum in itself, but the possibilities can be narrowed down considerably with some careful deduction, considering for example:

- Physical constraints (geometry, available time, terminal velocity)
- Centre of gravity location, surface profile and friction
- Local impact deformation versus global stress-wave propagation

- Giving priority to weak and critical features 

To read more about these factors, see Impact analysis in detail.  


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