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Seismic Analysis and Design

First-hand experience of earthquakes

Over the years we have gained a wealth of earthquake engineering field experience of what features make components vulnerable so we perform analytical vibration assessments knowing what needs special attention. 


Our first pass will be with an experienced Mark 1 eyeball and that alone may make the difference between success and failure. Subsequent thorough analysis provides the formal justification to enable us to provide an unrivalled structural design service. 


Some say that seismic resistant design adds 10% to the capital cost. Well, it need not cost that much. Seismic design consultancy services do not need to be expensive.


Read our work for clients in this area in Case Studies and find out about our new product innovation The Altoona Seismic Damper.


Featured seismic case studies:

We are highly experienced in:


- Seismic coefficient, response spectrum or time-marched computer analysis
- Soil-structure interaction analysis
- Structural calculations
- Non-linear numerical modelling
- Design and modification of plant for seismic resistance
- Investigation into the effects of structural vibration in industrial buildings
- Integrity assessment of bridges by natural frequency and velocity measurements
- Substantiation of individual components
- Seismic monitoring assessment
- Small scale model tests
- Assessment to design code
- Inspection of earthquake damaged plant
- General vibration assessment and stress analysis

SafePlantTM assessment to monitor the health of plants in operation.

Earthquake engineering, inspection of damage and years of analysis of seismic resistant design, we offer:

- a clear and deep understanding of how buildings, structures and components will behave under earthquake, shock or vibration loading

- a wide range of earthquake engineering reference projects, ranging from very large buildings, through electrical equipment cabinets to van-mounted instrumentation
- an extensive range of seismic engineering analytical software and vibration instrumentation
- practical seismic consultancy services, detailed reporting, fixed scope and prices agreed up front, good value and fast service.

About earthquake engineering

To DC White an earthquake is another form of vibration excitation. Any vibration, man-made or natural, can have catastrophic consequences.  Whether your component or structure is a building or an electrical instrument, seismic ruggedness and qualification can be clearly demonstrated  by physical test or by analysis. Analysis is often the better and the more cost-effective route, ensuring that design improvements are made before fabrication - not after a failed vibration test.

Seismic analysis - why is it important?

Relatively little of human civilization is designed to be earthquake resistant. Even in the developed world, earthquake resistant buildings are often seen as having intangible risks, expensive preventative measures, and as being unnecessary away from seismic hot-spots. However, a seismic analysis assessment is often highly rational no matter the location, and we can often demonstrate seismic resistance with minimal or no redesign.  

When would seismic analysis be required?

- location: is your project based near the Asian / American / Pacific 'ring of fire', or the Middle East? Even in the UK it can be essential to analyse
- it is often mandatory: is Eurocode 8 lurking within the spec?
- is it nuclear, civil, or otherwise high value or high risk severity?
- too big to test: vibration characteristics can often only be assessed analytically
- reassurance: justify expenditure, improve safety credentials.

Seismic engineering projects figure extensively in our workload and we have established a reputation for innovative approaches to these problems.

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"The support structure designed by DC White held up to an 8.8 magnitude earthquake which lasted 3 minutes (and the fifth strongest seen on records) - a really great job by their team of engineers."

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