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Design substantiation of an Autoclave Frame

DC White was approached by a leading Autoclave manufacturer to substantiate a frame, shown in Figure 1, which was being re purposed for a new application with a slight change in the design and an increased contents weight. The original design had already been substantiated by DC White CE a few years earlier, so the original model was resurrected and updated to match the latest drawings. The [...]

Seismic assessment in research facility

We were asked by our client to perform a seismic assessment of a door for a biological laboratory in New Zealand. The primary purpose of the door was to act as an airtight seal between the 'clean-room' environment and the rest of the research facility. Because of the likelihood of earthquakes in such a seismically active part of the world, it was imperative to ensure the operational [...]

RECOVIB Tiny in use on Tours bridge

RECOVIB Tiny used on a Pedestrian Bridge in Tours, France RECOVIB Tiny used on a Pedestrian Bridge in Tours, France In the city of Tours, in France, a new footbridge has been constructed. As part of commissioning, vibration measurements are carried out. By means of modal analysis, dynamic parameters up to [...]

Design substantiation of a wheat starch filter

Design Substantiation for Dustech, a global leader in environmentally friendly dust control and a long-standing client of DC White, approached us for a substantiation of their C1558B Wheat Starch Bag Filter. The work was done at design stage, to ensure any issues would be addressed before expensive tooling or manufacturing had occurred. Using their drawings and 3D model as reference, we produced a 3D model using ‘shell [...]

Cafeteria Seating gets a Ruggedized Re-design

When a market leader in educational seating approached us to assess proposed design developments and optimise the design of one of their ABS plastic products, we needed to apply some lateral thinking. The ABS plastic seats were cracking around the mounting post and concern was raised as to whether different methodologies for attaching the seats to the metal posts was causing the cracking, or increasing the likelihood of [...]

Thermal analysis of low voltage unit Kennet Pumping Station

DC White work with Freedom Solutions to address potential downtime at Kennet Pumping Station The Challenge DC White was recently approached by Freedom Connections (engineering design company) at the request of the Environmental Agency to perform a thermal analysis of a low voltage electrical cabinet at the Kennet Pumping Station in Cambridgeshire. The cabinet controls the starting system for a crucial underground water pump, 60 [...]

Substantiation of Piping Package

THE CHALLENGE DC White were commissioned to substantiate a piping package to several codes, ASME B31.3 for the pipework and API 610 for the nozzle loads. A previous report found that the loads acting on the pump suction and discharge nozzles were failing to meet the requirements of API 610. The recommended modifications were to place the pump on a sliding baseplate and include an additional support [...]

A reliable real-time vibration monitoring system for Cristal Pigments UK Ltd

THE CHALLENGE—We have worked on a wide range of projects for our client Cristal Global and our knowledge of vibrating systems has enabled us to develop a bespoke vibration monitoring system. Early projects with them led to the realisation that two of their support structures were in trouble because of continuous vibration imposed by violent chemical reactions in the process vessel. THE [...]

Design analysis of a rail trolley frame

Substantiation of an existing design against new requirements for a manufacturer of rail track equipment THE CHALLENGE—Our client had an existing product which was being sold to a new market and had to meet a new set of requirements laid out in RIS-1530-PLT (a rail industry standard). The trolley's frame is subject to high acceleration and cornering loads which were used to perform a fatigue analysis. The [...]

Thermal analysis and NDT of crack in reactor vessel – Solvent Manufacturing

DC White was approached by a large European solvent manufacturing company who had unwittingly been running one of their reactor vessels above its design temperature. The additional thermal load already placed on the vessel meant that it was removed from service and a site visit organised to carry out Non Destructive Testing (NDT) on the welds connecting the external limpet coils to the tank was necessary. [...]

Radiation Detector Mount: Vibration Analysis for Symetrica

Symetrica is a global leader in radiation detection and identification equipment. Their range of products, from handheld devices to mobile solutions, is used in border protection, law enforcement, military and emergency applications. DC White were able to assist Symetrica in the development of a shock-resistant enclosure for their detection equipment, to be mounted on vehicle roofs. Symetrica is a global leader [...]

Seismic Analysis of Power Resistor Bank for Cressall Resistors Ltd

Earthquake shock waves radiate from the fault fracture zone and arrive at the earth’s surface as a complex broadband vibratory ground motion, having both horizontal and vertical components. The response of structures to earthquake ground motion depends on their strength, ductility and dynamic properties. Lightly damped structures having one or more natural modes of oscillation within the frequency band of ground excitation can experience considerable amplification of the [...]

Marine engine bearings failure analysis

DC White have recently been requested to carry out inspections of two large marine diesel bearings by a major fleet operator. The bearings failed prematurely and the fleet operator sought an independent opinion in order to assist in negotiations with the engine manufacturers. The first bearing was a main bearing and the second a crosshead bearing. The first had run for 15,000 hours and the second for [...]

Vibration analysis on optical laser

The Good the Bad and the Wrong One of our clients was experiencing trouble with unacceptable levels of vibration seen at optical laser used for laser interferometer. This problem was confounded by the additional requirement of a more stringent specification requirement on entering a new market. DC White were brought on board as design partners to develop a solution which would work in the new market [...]

Vibration Case Study Shorts

1. 3801 VIBRATING CONVEYOR The support structure for this conveyor system is over 10 m tall and utilises anti-vibration mounts (AVMs). The requirement was to establish that these AVM's were fit for purpose and that their transmitted vibration would not lead to fatigue cracks in the structure. This involved a mix of vibration theory and finite element analysis. Special attention was required for the design of bracing [...]

CFD Case Study of Archimedean screw reactor

Introduction DC White were commissioned to provide analytical support for an extreme temperature Archimedean screw reactor vessel. A horizontal drum admits a solid discrete product which is pushed along the drum axis via an Archimedean screw with mixing paddles. The vessel sits within a furnace to heat the solid and gaseous products. A major area of concern for the process is the [...]

Analysis of Bioethanol Production Plant Decanter

The production of bioethanol has increased significantly in recent years, with modern technology increasing yields during the production process. Stillage is a 'syrup-like' byproduct that is distilled from the ethanol after the fermentation process. Animal feed can be extracted from the stillage through the use of decanters that separate the fluid and suspended solids through the use of centripetal forces generated by its rotation. The decanters are routinely [...]

CFD Optimisation

A major manufacturer of pre-painted corrugated steel sheeting requested a design optimisation for a spray nozzle manifold, termed a 'poker', designed to uniformly lay down the protective coating. The arrangement is illustrated below: A major manufacturer of pre-painted corrugated steel sheeting requested a design optimisation for a spray nozzle manifold, termed a 'poker', designed to uniformly lay down the protective coating. The [...]

Piping Stress Analysis – Europa Crown

This project provided piping stress analysis for Europa Crown. The problem The project involved a piping stress analysis for several steam and condensate lines which are part of a large vegetable oil refinery. The client had no previous experience with pipework construction and needed to know where, and how, the system should be supported. Once the supports had been added to the system, it was substantiated [...]

Valves Seals and Gearboxes

Valves Transco experienced leakage problems on large 36" pipeline ball valves at a pressure reduction station. Valve leakage was investigated as part of a proposed legal action against the valve manufacturer. The leakage was found to be due to wear and compression set of the 'O' rings used to seal the valve seats. BP Clair Engineering Assessment of Sub Sea Isolation Valve Actuator Failure. Assisted [...]

Bearing Failures

Subsea Pump Bearing Investigation of failure on offshore sub-sea water winning pump bearings. Failure due to non-conservative design leading to high loads on bearing and an element of misalignment leading to fatigue of bearings. Subsea Pump Bearing Investigation of failure on offshore sub-sea water winning pump bearings. Failure due to non-conservative design leading to high loads on bearing and an [...]

Bespoke Modelling on a Re-boiler – Chemical Plant

Thermal analysis – bespoke modelling This case study describes an analysis performed earlier this year on a Heavy-End re-boiler, which was identified with a potential thermal transient problem. The heat exchanger is normally used for heating a flow of hazardous liquor with a pressurised steam flow. The vessel is a horizontal cylinder with 2 dished ends which create end plenums, capped by 2 tube-sheets 9m apart. [...]

CFD Compact Separator

This CFD case study assesses the effectiveness of a weir vessel to mix and separate two mixed process streams. The inlet flow rates are highly variable but the vessel cannot be too buffered (i.e. large) for process reasons, not to mention cost and space requirements. The concern is that splash from intermittent high surge of inlet flow would go over the weir before being given the necessary [...]

Altoona Seismic Damper

DC White have been involved in seismic design of safety-critical structures for more than 25 years. To this end we have designed, developed and are in the process of producing a range of structural dampers, the Altoona DamperTM, which uses simple proven techniques to provide isolation and greatly increase damping of a structure - but only at the time of a seismic event. Simple yet Uniquely Effective [...]

Impact Study: Vibration Station

DC White have a wealth of experience from many impact analysis projects across a number of industries. These have included Power Stations, Nuclear Fuel Rods and the manufacturing project detailed below. We were asked to investigate the mysterious failures occurring repeatedly in a machine which tamped a mix of plaster and glass fibre into a mould used to make 2500x600 wall panels. It was important that [...]

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