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DC White Engineering Consultants Industry Experience

DC White has vast experience of working in different industry sectors, which enables us to bring our expertise to bear across industries, such as from the nuclear industry to the petrochemical industry and vice versa.  

Quality is important to all our clients and we are accustomed to working to the highest standards.

Power - Nuclear and Renewables
DC White has been heavily involved in ensuring safe power generation whether from nuclear, conventional or renewable sources: from seismic design at Sizewell B to the inspection of broken wind turbine blades, we continue to help solve issues at the cutting edge of the industry.  

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   power - nuclear and renewables
Chemical Plant - Organic, Inorganic and Petrochemical

DC White has worked with clients in PetroChem for many years on a wide range of chemical plant.  For example, we have a strong and proud history with Cristal Global (previously MIC), delivering a number of core analysis and monitoring services for them.

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   chemical plant - organic, inorganic and petrochem
Aerospace and Defence

DC White has a long association with the aerospace industry, dating back to founder, Doug White's, work on engine vibration at Rolls-Royce in the 60's and 70's,  notably on 'squeeze film bearings', one of the many devices which makes today's three shaft engines, such as the RB211 and the Trent, smooth running and so successful.
Vibration work has continued, most recently for Weston Aerospace (Esterline), supporting the development of the new Trent engine.  Our activities in the area are more wide ranging, for example: military truck chassis, tank turrets, and radar drive mechanisms.


   aerospace and defence
Materials Handling, Cranes, Conveyors

From liquid steel to fork lift trucks carrying soft drinks; from vertical axis pumps for the oil and gas industry to cranes carrying nuclear fuels for reactors – at DC White we have the experience and capability of analysing and optimising almost any machine or plant.


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   materials and handling
Food Process and Pharmaceutical
We work with a number of international corporations including GEA and Pfizer, to provide design substantiation and help analyse issues with various plant processes, providing cost-effective and regulatory-compliant solutions. 


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   food process and pharma
Civil Engineering - Seismic, Vibration and Foundations

To DC White, a building is an over-sized piece of mechanical equipment, so earthquake induced vibrations are in many ways akin to the vibrations in a hand-held drill.  Unlike the drill, the behaviour of the materials is more uncertain and it is here that we have particular expertise, having practical experience of the effects that an earthquake has on both well designed and poorly constructed buildings.

Vibrations transmitted by machinery within a building is another area of our expertise, becoming more and more important with the trend towards lighter construction.  Our understanding of vibrations has lead us into the area of foundation engineering where we designed and developed a family of rapid pile-setting equipment, the drill and the drive mast.

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   seismic damper performance

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"I have worked with DC White for the past 5 years. They are extremely professional and very proficient. I would highly recommended them.

Andrew P Kofoed, Reliability Project Engineer, Cristal
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