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DC White Engineering Consultants

We specialise in the design and analysis of mechanical and civil engineering projects, with market-leading expertise in stress analysis, seismic design and monitoring, vibration monitoring, condition monitoring, thermal analysis and piping design analysis.

Rotating Systems
A vibration analysis on a stationary system classically considers the effect of a fixed set of natural frequencies subjected to relatively low frequency excitations.
The rise of high speed rotating machinery in the first half of the twentieth century gave birth to the field of rotor dynamics, which accounted for the more complicated effect of rotation.
In this context, natural frequencies are termed ‘critical speeds’, and can change as a machine speeds up, for example in response to bearing characteristics and gyroscopics.

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Vibration Monitoring and Assessment
Whether it be a rotating system, piping, conyeyor belt, gearbox or shake table, we use many different techniques for measuring vibration in many different environments. We will design bespoke monitoring equipment where necessary and we also use the new RECOVIB range from Micromega.

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  Onsite vibration monitoring
Vibration Monitors and Recorders
DC White CE are proud to offer three innovative product ranges from Micromega, as exclusive UK distributors. There are wired and wireless measuring devices ideal for condition monitoring and asset integrity. Also available are devices for measuring human exposure to vibration; valuable tools to help meet health and safety regulations..

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  Recovib Tiny recorder from MicromegaRecovib Tiny recorder from Micromega
Piping and Plant Analysis
DC White has been involved in plant and piping work for many years and we offer a comprehensive service to ensure your plant is both legal and safe to operate. We have extensive experience in the analysis of a wide variety of piping system: we do this through a number of services, namely Design Substantiation, Safety Assessment and Failure Analysis.

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   piping and plant analysis
Failure Analysis
From plants to heating systems, from production lines to turbines; our expertise is in finding where the fault lies and providing effective remedies to commercial time-scales.  


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   Example of where failure analysis can be used
Design Analysis
The degree of our involvement in your design will depend on your specific needs – we can substantiate your finished design, ensuring it passes code, we can optimise it in the early stages of development, reducing materials and cost while maintaining performance, or we can create a new design to your specification. 


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   design assessment from DC White
Finite Element Analysis is one of the core tools used by our team of skilled engineers to help provide robust timely answers to our clients.  It underpins many of the services we offer, including design substantiation, thermal analysis, vibration analysis, seismic analysis and failure investigation.  


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Expert Witness

DC White has acted as expert witness in an assortment of cases since 1992.  In most cases our clearly presented, unequivocal evidence has been enough to prevent the case from the expense of going to court. 

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   expert witness services
SafePLANT - our service for ageing plant
SafePLANTTM  condition monitoring service has been specifically designed to support ageing plant and, wherever possible, to keep it operational.

Our role is to provide clients with three things: 1. To minimize plant and piping failure rates 2. To ensure your plant operates safely 3. To demonstrate to Safety Officers that a failure is not critical, and thereby keeping your plant running.

We do this through a number of services, namely Design Substantiation, Safety Assessment and Failure Analysis: 

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   SafePlant keeps ageing plant runningSafePlant keeps ageing plant running
Bearings, Valves, Seals and Gearboxes

We are pleased to announce the addition of new services in the field of tribology, with the appointment of Dave Harrison as Principal Engineer from Neale Consulting Engineers.

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  failure analysis of bearings, axles, gearboxes and seals
NEW - Upskill for Engineers
DC White now offers 'upskill for engineers' - a new service which means we work with your team to solve the project brief together and on your equipment (wherever possible), so that we pass on our methodology to help your team tackle future, similar, projects.


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   upskill knowledge transfer

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I would also like to thank DC White for the prompt response and professional service that has been provided, and I will look forward to working with you on future projects.

Rich Heath, Project Engineer, National Grid Grain LNG

"I have worked with DC White for the past 5 years. They are extremely professional and very proficient. I would highly recommended them.

Andrew P Kofoed, Reliability Project Engineer, Cristal

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