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Rotating Systems

A vibration analysis on a stationary system classically considers the effect of a fixed set of natural frequencies subjected to relatively low frequency excitations.
The rise of high speed rotating machinery in the first half of the twentieth century gave birth to the field of rotor dynamics, which accounted for the more complicated effect of rotation.

In this context, natural frequencies are termed ‘critical speeds’, and can change as a machine speeds up, for example in response to bearing characteristics and gyroscopics.

Rotor dynamics
For many systems, the effect of running close to critical speeds is increased vibrations levels, bearing degradation and fatigue. Specialist analysis can be required to design out or mitigate this problem.
We have considerable experience in rotor dynamics, in particular covering vibration in gas turbines, long line-shafts, pumps, and detailed consideration of hydrodynamic bearings: see our case study of the work we've done with SPP Pumps.
What sets us apart is that we can operate from academic first principles (using a combination of MathCAD calculations, in-house and commercial software) but can provide practical design recommendations and guidance from our many collective years of experience with vibrating systems.
The typical analyses we offer:
- Lateral, torsional and axial critical speeds
- Damped stability analysis
- Steady state spectral force response 
- Non-linear time marched orbits
We can tailor the complexity of the analysis to suit the application, accounting for where applicable:
- Campbell diagrams and stability maps
- Hydrodynamic bearings: horizontal and vertical axis, coefficient CFD analysis
- Gyroscopics
- Stator interaction, integrating with FEA
- Axial compression / tension stiffening
- Multiple shafts and axes
- Gearing and clutches

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