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new accelerometers from Micromega

New Wire-Free Vibration Recorders & Industrial Accelerometers

DC White is is delighted to bring the range of Micromega vibration monitoring products to the UK market as exclusive distributors. Micromega Dynamics' industrial accelerometers bridge the gap between expensive high-resolution sensors used in laboratory environment and low-cost - often noisy and inaccurate - industrial sensors. Moreover they exhibit several benefits over more classical accelerometers for use in industrial environments.


There are wired and wireless measuring devices ideal for condition monitoring and asset integrity. Also available are devices for measuring human exposure to vibration; valuable tools to help meet health and safety regulations.


Details of these ranges can be found as follows:

UNIQUE Recovib Miniature Vibration Recorders
Recovib Tiny wireless vibration recorder
  •  Unique wire free data analysis
  •  "Quick and easy" vibration monitoring and diagnosis
  •  Remote vibration diagnostic/consultancy
  •  Vibration measurement on rotating parts properties

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Recovib Feel Real-Time Vibration Sensor


  •   Quick and easy vibration monitoring
  •   Real-time vibration analysis
  •   Real-time frequency and time analysis
  •   Vibration Diagnosis
  •   Vibration model analysis
  •   Machine tools – Automotive- Aviation
  •   Structural Analysis and Health Monitoring


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Recovib Industrial Accelerometers
- Bridge the gap between the performance of laboratory accelerometers (which are often expensive, fragile and offer low protection) and the robustness of industrial accelerometers (which are sometimes cheaper but often noisy and inaccurate).

- Can be deployed in industrial environments for monitoring machinery or structures.

- Widely used in a variety of fields, such as the machine tools, precision machining and on-shore and off-shore wind energy sectors in monitoring or active vibration control applications.



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  Recovib IAC industrial accelerometers

Vib@work Human Vibration Monitors
Complete range of vibration meters designed to help companies to comply with the health and safety requirements regarding the exposure of workers to the risks arising from vibrations. Based on an innovative concept, the Vib@Work Hand-Arm and Whole-Body dosimeters automatically measure operator's daily vibration exposure: 

Product range:

- The Vib@Work Hand-arm vibration meter for hand-arm daily exposure measurements.
- The Vib@Work Whole-Body vibration meter for whole-body daily exposure measurements.

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vib@work products

Vib@work hand-arm meter

Vib@work whole body monitors

Vib@work whole body range

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