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Vib@work Human Vibration Monitors


Human Vibration Monitors - Effective Health and Safety Compliance

A complete range of vibration meters designed to help companies to comply with the health and safety requirements regarding the exposure of workers to the risks arising from vibrations. Based on an innovative concept, the Vib@Work Hand-Arm and Whole-Body dosimeters automatically measure operator's daily vibration exposure: 

Product range

The Vib@Work Hand-arm vibration meter for hand-arm daily exposure measurements.
The Vib@Work Whole-Body vibration meter for whole-body daily exposure measurements.

 Vib@Work Whole-Body

Three sensors, Seat, Floor and Detect make up the range Vib@Work Whole Body. When used in combination, seat efficiency (i.e. S.E.A.T factor) and stand-up operator vibration dose can be measured.

Vib@Work Seat

Vib@Work Seat (formerly “Evec”) is a dosimeter for measuring vibrations transmitted to the whole-body. It allows measurement of the vibration levels experienced by seated operators in accordance with European Directive 2002/44/EC. The sensor is a semi-rigid interface to be placed on the driver’s seat.


Vib@Work Floor

Vib@Work Floor (option) is a dosimeter for measuring floor vibrations. Used in combination with the Vib@Work Seat, it allows the calculation of seat efficiency factors, also called S.E.A.T. factors.


Vib@Work Detect

Vib@Work Detect (option) is an external and autonomous presence detector (for use in combination with Vib@Work Seat or Floor) that allows the calculation of the vibration level experienced by standing operators in accordance with European Directive 2002/44/EC.

These three sensors communicate with the EvecSensorDuo software installed on your PC through a wireless connection. No wires are needed.

Key benefits

- Wireless so there is no discomfort for the operator in the work place
- All day measurement for a better representative sample
- Automatic artefact rejection
- Easy to use and intuitive
- Easy to implement and accessible to all (technician and non-technician)
- Integrated mechanical filters used for hand/arm monitor


 Vib@Work Whole-Body

Seat operator exposure

(1) Vib@Work Seat


Stand-up operator exposure


(2) Vib@Work Floor
(3) Vib@Work Detect


 S.E.A.T. Factor


(1) Vib@Work Seat
(2) Vib@Work Floor


  vib@work whole body monitor
       Vib@work whole body vibration meter               
Vib@Work Hand-arm vibration meter 

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