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Design of Bespoke Equipment

Designers and manufacturers encounter unique problems when they are producing cutting-edge products. Using off the shelf machinery can be an unsatisfactory compromise of the company’s requirements. Many problems can only be solved using unique, tailor-made pieces of equipment. DC White are able to design and arrange manufacture of these items for you.

When a world leading producer of wind turbines has needed new pieces of test equipment we were able to design and fabricate bespoke machines that cost significantly less than quoted by test equipment suppliers without the compromises on the client’s requirement.

Tri-Axial Excitation Device
This device, part of our stock of vibration excitation instruments, contains three contra-rotating weights each capable of being individually operated to provide vibration in the X, Y and Z directions.  The device is waterproof and once lowered into the pre-drilled borehole it is positively located using the inflatable bladder. It is designed for use at depths of up to 5 metres to simulate passing traffic when testing a site for vibration transmission.


Paddle Mixer Shaft Removal Dolly
The shell of a long paddle mixer was too thin to support the weight of the shaft and paddles during installation by using the usual methods of a wheeled dolly or tracks. A unique air-lifting dolly, was designed to allow installation through small access panels in the end faces of the drier. The two sections were coupled together and supplied with compressed air at 1 bar. Despite the short timescale between order placement and delivery, the device was designed and built, ready for the commissioning of the drier.


   Paddle Mixer Shaft Removal Dolly
Four-Point-Bend Rig
A leading renewable energy company had a three-point-bend test rig capable of performing static tests used to develop structures used in wind-turbine blades.  They wished to upgrade their testing abilities to include a four-point-bend rig capable of performing both static and fatigue tests. The engineers at DC White Consulting Engineers designed, substantiated and built the rig in time for the planned tests.


   four point bend rig
Tower Dampers
The tower structure supporting the vent flue for the newly built building was a tubular steel structure having a triangular plan section and was to be mounted on the roof of the building. There was a concern that it could be excited by wind turbulence on a site which is closely surrounded by taller buildings. The tower was subjected to finite element analysis to determine the mode shapes. These shapes were confirmed using on-site testing both before and after damper installation. Three passive dampers designed by DC White Consulting Engineers and manufactured by Altoona Ltd were installed at approximately two-thirds of the tower’s height.



DC White document work very clearly and it is easy for me as a customer to ask to see previous design work that may have been required to provide feasible results.

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