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Design Optimisation

An essential step in early-stage development

Before getting to the costly testing and prototype stages and certainly before starting full-scale production ensure your design is ready.

Design changes and failures early in a product’s lifecycle can be costly, whilst failure post-launch can have a catastrophic impact on a fledgling product’s reputation in the market place. 

Using our Design Optimisation services takes all the anxiety out of developing your product and can give you the commercial edge.

How we work

Designers come to us with a product design – either at concept stage or else fully detailed drawings. We will analyse it to ensure that your product is the most economical to produce and we will look at ways to reduce the materials required without compromising safety or performance.

We will ensure your design is optimised to fully meet its objectives, taking into account a number of factors including temperature, self weight, imposed loads, seismic loads, etc... We can ensure your design meets any pre-agreed design code, enabling you to start development with confidence.

DC White have the skills and experience to take any design and advise you on what improvements could be made, or if a more fundamental re-think is required.

Design optimisation equals margin optimisation.

See Case Studies for examples of our Design Optimisation work, with featured case studies below:

We know that getting the design right is critical to:

  • Optimising product performance
  • Reducing costly testing and re-tooling
  • Lowering costs by reducing materials usage
  • Improving environmental impact
  • Increasing design-life  
  • Reducing failure rate


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