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Our approach to substantiation is logical and matter of fact - if a design is not quite up to scratch we are adept at providing suitable remedial measures to quickly find a solution. Even when a system is fit for purpose, we will very often make recommendations in our substantiation report for design improvements in terms of reducing weight, cost, size, deformation and many other factors depending on the project.   
Communication is a key aspect of the design substantiation process, it leads to a full understanding of the design intent. We like to keep constant contact during our substantiations to ensure you, and the end client get what they asked for.

From nuclear safety case substantiations through to industrial food processors, DC White have the experience and expertise to critically assess and improve your design.

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Cost-effective approach

The process of design substantiation is a thorough review of a system and its components, assessing safety and fitness for purpose.  

The scope of the substantiation will vary from project to project, as will the emphasis of the investigation. Certain plant must conform to standards such as pressure vessels or piping, and we are familiar with applying a wide range of customer specifications, UK and International standards and codes, (most common are ASME 31.3, PD5500, BS7608 and Eurocodes).  

Sometimes codes can be approached with a line by line hand-calculation, but sometimes it is more appropriate and cost-effective to incorporate a Finite Element Analysis. Many designs have no relevant codes, in which case we use our 30 years experience of tried and tested best engineering practice. In all cases, we provide a substantiation report with clear recommendations to ensure next steps for the client are clear.


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I would also like to thank DC White for the prompt response and professional service that has been provided, and I will look forward to working with you on future projects.

Rich Heath, Project Engineer, National Grid Grain LNG

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