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Bearing failure analysisBearing failure analysis

Specialising in Seals, Bearings, Valves and Gearboxes

Tribology Services from DC White Consulting Engineers

We offer an extensive range of services in the field of tribology, headed up by Dave Harrison PhD FIMechE, Principal Engineer. Dave brings many years' experience in this field, mainly operating as a trouble-shooter, investigating the causes of problems and devising practical and economical solutions.

Tribology services we offer:

  • bearing failure analysis
  • gears and gearboxes analysis
  • seals failure analysis
  • lubrication analysis
  • valves and valve failure
  • flexible hoses analysis
                                          damaged bearing
   Image: Damaged bearing opened up

 To view examples of work in each of these areas, please visit Bearings Case Studies and Gears, Valves and Gearboxes Case Studies.

Our approach

With these additional services, we are able to offer a more holistic service to our clients, both providing broader solutions to those projects currently managed by the DC White consultant engineering team and also extending the services we currently offer into this field of expertise. For example, a bearing problem may be the root cause; it may be a symptom. The problem must be viewed as a whole.

A summary of our new services:


We have a high level of expertise in rolling element bearings (ball and roller bearings) and fundamentals of mechanics of rolling contact. We have wide experience of bearing failure analysis, supported by design evaluation of machine. Examples include high speed, high power (1 MW) marine electric motors, rail vehicle axle box bearing failures, escalator bearings and wind turbine bearings.


Dave Harrison was a leader of an extensive BP test programme of valve testing, Principal UK Expert to ISO 15848 committee on Valve Fugitive Emissions. He is also an expert in Valve Standards.  He has wide experience of valve failure analysis.  Examples include Transco pipeline ball valve leakage problems,  BP Miller valve stem blowout, BP Clair Sub Sea Isolation Valve - engineering assessment of actuator failure.


DC White has experience of gearbox failure analysis. Examples include marine gearboxes, sewage pump gearboxes, failure of rail vehicle gearbox leading to axle failure and train derailment, and wind turbine gearboxes.


Extensive experience of mechanical seals, leading a BP programme to investigate failure of Forties Main Oil Line Pump seal failures. We also have broad experience of shaft lip seals and have acted as expert witness in gearbox oil leakage case.

Flexible Pipes/Hoses

We have in depth experience of hose research and development with Dunlop and holder of several patents.  Dave Harrison was a key member of BP team to re-instate damaged Coflexip  flexible pipes for Foinaven development. 

Expert Witness

We are highly experienced and credible expert witnesses, having acted on a number of high value cases. Our strengths lie in the ability to simply explain complex technical issues in layman's language and identify and focus on key points of disputes.

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