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vibration monitoring in the field


Vibration and Condition Monitoring Products and Services

Whether it be a rotating system, piping, conyeyor belt, gearbox or shake table, we use many different techniques for measuring vibration in many different environments. In the past we have produced bespoke vibration sensors for our Clients and have now launched a new range of unique wireless vibration monitors which we offer to our Clients as part of a consultancy package, or for sale.



Range of MicroMega fixed and non-wired accelerometers and vibration recorders

DC White has recently launched a new range of vibration monitoring equipment form MicroMega.

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 Recovib Tiny vibration recorder




Condition Monitoring - click here to view our 'SafePlant' condition monitoring service

D C White has developed specialist, standalone three axis vibration monitoring equipment capable of continual, unattended condition monitoring for 10 days at very high frequency sampling and using an integrated power supply.


In addition to long period ambient vibration monitoring (condition monitoring), this equipment can also be utilised for an impact test which is used to determine soil transmissibility values. The simplicity of the hand held seismic equipment allows this field vibration monitoring exercise to take place where there is a lack of a local power supply and perfect for locations which are remote or difficult to access.


This process can be invaluable when construction work or vibration producing plant is located in proximity to vibration sensitive equipment such as CNC, MRI or FaroArm machinery.



 bespoke vibration monitoring design

Bespoke electronics design from DC White

stand alone vibration monitoring box 
Stand-alone ruggedised monitoring box




Targeted Vibration Monitoring

D C White has developed a set of battery operated, high frequency vibration monitoring equipment perfect for high temperature, lagged pipework and plant monitoring applications such as motors, fans and rotating machinery.

The kit uses magnetic bases which allow the ruggedised, waterproof sensors to be attached to difficult to access areas with the requirement for minimal removal or insulation.


Each single low noise cable allows three locations to be monitored from up to 100m away, ideal for large survey areas using a system which does not require an external power supply.


targeted high frequency vibration monitoring equipment

Mobile targeted monitoring kit

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I have worked with DC White for the past 5 years. They are extremely professional and very proficient. They have helped develop and designed several monitoring devices that are in constant use on my vessels. I would highly recommended them.

Andrew P Kofoed, Reliability Project Engineer, Cristal

I would also like to thank DC White for the prompt response and professional service that has been provided, and I will look forward to working with you on future projects.

Rich Heath, Project Engineer, National Grid Grain LNG

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