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SafePLANTTM Condition Monitoring

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DC White offers expertise in process safety and asset integrity for plant and, in particular, piping and piping support: details of this service are given below. Click here for  Case Studies. 

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SafePLANTTM in detail

Dr Doug White, Chief Engineer, discusses why SafePLANTTM is vital to keeping British industry running:

"These days, plant is being pushed very hard - sometimes operating beyond its design life, perhaps waiting for something to go wrong. Some are experiencing failure rates that are simply too high. 

We all know the potential impact of plant failure: partial or full shut-down, not to mention the safety risks. Of course, many plants have continuity plans in place, ready in case things do go wrong, but loss and disruption are unavoidable. 


We reckon that more can be done, to avoid the seemingly inevitable and to keep plants running. We've been working with enough customers over the years to know that SafePLANTTM can make a big difference: in one example, MTBF rates were increased from 14 days to 14 months, avoiding £millions in lost revenue."

What is SafePLANTTM

Our SafePLANTTM condition monitoring service provides mechanical engineering investigation and analysis of process plant, aimed at reducing plant failures, improving safety and reducing maintenance costs. 

We undertake inspection and analysis to establish the current state of plant components and their available lifespan through in-depth investigation of factors such as creep, fatigue, stress, thermal, vibration and corrosion/erosion: typically this fitness for service assessment adheres to API 579-1/ASME FFS-1.

If required, we can then provide a prioritised maintenance schedule, where the most critical repairs are to be tackled first and a safety report as evidence for the Safety Officers what failures might occur and highlighting those that are tolerable and those that are safety-critical. Your plant, even if damaged, could still be open for business.

Your condition monitoring challenge

There is increasing commercial pressure to keep plants in constant or continuous operation. Ask yourself two questions:

- Are you experiencing unacceptable levels of failure?
- If your plant is operating beyond its design life, could it be at risk of full or partial shut-down?

If the answer is yes to either question, you may already have contingency plans in place. We believe more can be done: 

- To minimize failure rates
- To ensure your plant operates safely 
- To demonstrate to the Safety Officer that a failure is not critical, and thereby keep your plant running
- To keep piping and pressure vessels which have exceeded their design life-span
- To minimize any additional safety risks if your plant handles hazardous materials

Our solution

DC White Consulting Engineers has developed a systematic approach to the assessment of piping and vessels which will deliver an effective maintenance management programme, giving:

- A prioritised plan of action for any remedial work
- A safety assessment that would show that a failure or potential failure may not impair a plant's inherent safety, meaning you keep your plant open for business.   

For example, events such as the discovery of, say, failed pipe hangers or thinned wall sections, do not necessarily call for immediate attention but can be tolerated within the plant's overall integrity.

Our SafePLANTTM Assessment

Once we have finished our assessment, we can provide you with a comprehensive pipe maintenance schedule and plant safety documentation highlighting those areas which are fault tolerant and those aspects which are essential to its integrity and safety: documents which will provide evidence that the plant is safe to operate.

What's involved?

1. Review plant drawings, design substantiations and safety cases
2. Comprehensive survey of your plant's pipework, vessels, supporting structures and valves
3. Identification of metal thicknesses and inspection for corrosion & erosion
4. Report showing immediate problem areas and those that might become failures in the foreseeable future
5. A structured approach to the ongoing maintenance of the plant

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