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Overview of our FEA Services

Finite Element Analysis - Our Extensive Knowledge


DC White Engineering Consultants' understanding of FEA has led to us being sub-contracted by other engineering consultants:

"I have used Doug and his company for two complex technical consultancy projects. Both were delivered on time and on budget with the expected findings." - A. Hurst Engineering Analysis Services Ltd

We use FEA to undertake pre-build Design Substantiation, vital in the early stages of planning, to ensure costly mistakes aren’t incurred at the full testing or build stages.  

As part of our FEA service, we also offer:


Our wide practical knowledge across many industries, together with a very high level of academic capability within the team, means we can provide robust, tailored solutions for our clients across a wide spectrum of project size and type. 

At DC White, our experience and skills allow us to produce, where required, Bespoke Designs and our Troubleshooting and Failure Investigation services extend to Expert Witness and Safety Case studies.

Our favoured tools are SolidWorks Simulation and Autopipe, and we also use Abaqus, NX Nastran and Midas NFX when required. 

Doug White, one of DC White's Principal Engineers was an early adopter of Finite Element Analysis 40 years ago, having written a non-linear FEA package for aero engines. Since then we have continued, where necessary, to write bespoke FEA software for non-linear dynamic systems when required.

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