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Troubleshooting with Dc White

Failure Analysis, Assessment and Expert Witness

DC White Engineering Consultants - providing peace of mind through world-class forensic analysis, failure analysis and expert witness. We have particular expertise in tribology consulting services and failure of gearboxes, valves, seals and bearings.

Failure investigation case studies:

DC White failure analysis service offers:

We can usually have a presence on site within 2-3 days if necessary for an initial failure assessment of the problem. 

We then offer a structured program of work tailored to meet the precise needs of the client, which may typically involve:

  • Initial investigation (discussion with client, review of existing technical data, review of any previous attempts at solving the problem)
  • Data gathering (Visual inspection, vibration monitoring, temperature measurement, ultrasonic inspection, NDT etc)
  • Failure Analysis of the system to understand the cause of the problem (using FEA or classical theoretical analysis)
  • System redesign or modification to rectify the problem
  • Generation of production drawings and documentation
  • Installation and testing of modifications
  • Monitoring the performance of the new system (and improvements where necessary)

Examples of problems where our failure analysis and troubleshooting service has been be deployed:

  • Cracking and fatigue failures of fan blades, pipes etc
  • Explosion prevention / resistance (process plant)
  • Structural design analysis
  • Vibration control
  • Thermal distortion / buckling

We have experience across many types of industries, including;

  • Plant failure
  • Heating systems
  • Production lines
  • Turbine blade cracking
  • Material handling failure


Why is failure investigation important?

At the very least, mechanical failure can result in reduced productivity; at its worst, it can lead to shutdown and even serious injury.

“The water heater’s pressure relief system had furred up and failed catastrophically; fortunately no one was within range when the wall of the plant room blew out.”

Yet clients have told us that, when they have been working on a project for a long time, it has not always been easy admitting there was a problem; it’s also hard sometimes to see the wood for the trees.  

Mistakes and failure happen - it’s how we respond to them that matters.

Managing projects with discretion

Our clients know that when they come to us, we will investigate the problem rigorously and in the strictest confidence.  When undertaking our failure analysis, we bring our breadth of mechanical engineering experience to bear on each situation, helping you understand the complete picture and developing with you a cost-effective solution.

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